Jays AC Repair Woodland Hills

The air-conditioning isn’t working quite right. It’s a problem that’s happening more and more frequently. On those stuffy days and nights of spring, summer and fall air-conditioning that isn’t working properly or that is not working at all means discomfort for the family or for your employees if the system in question belong to your business.

When your air-conditioning isn’t conditioning the air of your home or business, it’s time to call the AC repair experts at Jays AC Repair in Woodland Hills. They’ll get your system working properly and they’ll do it quickly.

Jays AC and Heating Installation in Woodland Hills is your professional solution

 Jays doesn’t just focus on air-conditioning repair. They’re experts in HVAC repair as well. If your air-conditioning has problems, the chance are your entire system needs repair and the technicians at Jays AC are experts in all phases and types of heating and cooling systems.

They’ll analyze your system and in a short time determine the cause of the problem. Usually it starts with dirt and grime infiltrating the air-conditioning unit and the problem spreads from there.

Jay’s AC and Heating Installation in Woodland Hills goes to work

The professionals at Jays AC Repair in Woodland Hills are highly trained and have knowledge and experience with most or all air-conditioning and heating brands, makes and models. No air-conditioning repair or HVAC repair is too complicated.

With all repairs and maintenance visits your professionals at Jays AC Repair in Woodland Hills do a number critical inspections and adjustments:

       Inspect and adjust belts and pulleys.
       They’ll check the supply and return air ducts for blockage.
       Anything debris found will be cleared.
       Air temperatures are monitored.
       All controls are checked and adjusted if they need adjusting.
       Your thermostat will be checked and adjusted and calibrated.
       Refrigerants are checked.
       Filters are examined and replaced or cleaned if cleaning is appropriate.
       Fan motors are checked, lubricated if appropriate or changed out.
       All belts are examined and worn belts are replaced.

Jays AC Repair in Woodland Hills also checks all drain lines and the insulation of the system. Everything involved in your air-conditioner system is checked and repaired. All of this is done quickly and at a price that won’t drain your bank account.

Jays AC and Heating Installation in Woodland Hills recommends routine maintenance

Once repairs are completed, the experts at Jays AC Repair in Woodland Hills will set up a routine maintenance program. The only way to keep your air-conditioning repaired and your HVAC repaired and running properly is to regularly check all key points in the system and make adjustments.